Ritu Maghera

UX Strategist, Creative, Artist, UI Designer


The key to providing real UX solutions is knowing your audience well enough to provide them with the right information before they realize they need it. With the intelligence of interactivity growing, users expect more than just a trendy interface, they expect a quick and comprehensive response. As our tools for communication become more sophisticated, so do our opportunities of engaging with the user.

15 years of work experience with various applications, products, and clients has lead me to discover consistencies in User Experience concepts and behaviors. Each unique business challenge is approached with a process consisting of targeted UX research and strategy applied to UI design principles and standards to develop a full perspective solution.


Research & Discovery

Data Analytics & Visualzation

UX Strategy

UI Design & Development

Branding & ID Management

Logo Design & Illustration

Project Management

There is far more to effective design than just fonts and colors.
Positive user centric experiences are created by client behavior analysis, engagement strategy, and business cases used to
enhance design and front-end decisions.

~ Ritu Maghera