Ritu Maghera

UX Strategist, Creative, Artist, UI Designer

3 Pillar Global

  • Role:UX Consulting

Core Objective:

  • Act as thought leader to go beyond product requirements to wholistic user environments by encouraging in-depth task flow analysis as well as big-picture business alignment workshops
  • Act as UX expert and resources for clients by providing recommendations, resources and and sprint cycle roadmaps for each deliverable
  • Refine UX design systems into product life cycles
  • Customize UX solutions for various clients, products, and digital needs
  • Create unique but standardized process that contributes to a well functioning product development environment
  • Ability to communicate the impact and importance of UX strategy and methodologies to various influencers and stakeholders
  • Determine areas of how and when to incorporate other influencers like business, sales, development and product management into the UX cycle to obtain maximum efficiency
  • Provide insight and recommendations by creating prioritized game plans, roadmaps, and sprint planning

  • Project Details

    • Client:3 Pillar Global Consulting
    • Deliverables:UX Strategy Consulting
    • Services:UX Lead: Full-time Employment
    • UX strategy
    • UI design & development
    • Information & content architecture