Ritu Maghera

UX Strategist, Creative, Artist, UI Designer

Fiscal Note

  • Role:UX Consulting Contract
Objective / Business Need

Create a holistic environment where users can either manage their own data sets as well as have the ability to search throughout the platform and create new ones. Build a more robust, customizable and sustainable data display allowing for more in-depth data organization and functionality based on an MVP concept.


The primary challenge was to create a user centric workflow that could be translated with the current conceptualization designs.
This was solved by creating a much needed design system starting with responsive design componentes and a library based on the current concepts allowing for a more robust design process.
Created a design system is to capture decisions while working with various teams and features. Once a decision has been made and capture, designer and product teams can move forward with thinking about more complex design challenges and deeper functionality.

Primary Use Case
Worked with 4 teams to develop a primary use case from Conceptual MVP product necessary to test primary workflow functionality, user behavior interaction testing, consistency, and development sustainability.
  • User either goes to homepage dashboard to see alerts, notifications, and changes pertaining to their saved issues
  • User can see calls to action immediately allowing them to start interacting with the platform and staying engaged
  • User can see related news and content that can be added, linked and saved to current created issues
  • User can see items that influence currently saved issues in related topics and content
  • Users can see any changes to issues immediately and take action
  • Users can share and contribute content and action items with imported contacts or other platform users

  • Project Details

    • Client:Fiscal Note
    • Deliverables:UX Strategy Consulting
    • Services:UX Lead Consultant/Contract
    • UX strategy
    • UI design & development
    • Information & content architecture