Ritu Maghera

UX Strategist, Creative, Artist, UI Designer

FEPOC - Employee Protal

  • Role:UX Consulting Contract
  • Project:High-Level Conceptual Re-Imagine

    Hired to work with a specialized focus group to determine internal employee portal needs and requirements. Provided in-depth workshops, user-flows, and conceptual mockups to gather thoughts and collaborate on primary use cases, mvp needs and roadmap. Through a series of workshops and user journey map analysis, I was able to provide progressive conceptual visuals allowing for clarity and conversations with implementation teams, in-turn allowing for a more constructive conversations and more seamless process.

Project Details

  • Client:FEPOC
  • Deliverables:UX Consulting & UI Design
  • Services:UX Lead Consultant/Contract
  • UX strategy
  • UI conceptual product design
  • Information & content architecture & journey maps