Ritu Maghera

UX Strategist, Creative, Artist, UI Designer

IADB: Intranet Design & Standardization

  • Solution:Intranet stategy, design guidelines and implementation

Designed, developed and implemented over 20 intranet websites for Vice Presidencies, Strategic Core Offices, and all departments.

Hired as an independent contractor, I worked directly with the all four Presidencies, IT Directors and management to establishing a small internal web design resource. As the primary design consultant for intranet site development, my services would include customized web and graphic design, front-end development, and content development.

Work with the web committee to determine initial UI/UX design standards and requirements, established compliance guidelines, CSS templates, and content requirements.

Project Details

  • Client:Inter-American Development Bank
  • Deliverables:20 DNN Intranet Websites
  • DNN Intranet standards & guidelines
  • Design & implementation 20 DNN Intranets sites
  • Servicess:Standards, best practices & requirements
  • UX research & strategy
  • UI mockups & application wireframing